About WolfByte Software Inc.

WolfByte Software Inc. provides innovative, affordable, easy to use software programs and services for the Transportation industry. Incorporated in February 1996, WolfByte developed and perfected one of the first Windows-based dispatch programs and has continued to be a leading supplier of software for transportation and logistics companies with installations all across North America.

The products, including Brokerage, Trucking and Fuel Tax, are competitively priced and meet the wide range of needs from new start-ups to well established operations. Integrations to external programs for Accounting, Load Posting, Carrier Reporting and Tracking are just a few of the options available to make your business time and cost efficient. Take control of all aspects of Operations. Provide your customers with solutions tailored to their specific needs in addition to adapting as your business and requirements evolve.

WolfByte’s mission is to make all implementations as easy and seamless as they should be. Time is valuable and we guarantee to provide feature-rich software that is both easy to learn and use, be up and running within the day.

As WolfByte Software celebrates their successful 25 years serving the Transportation Industry, they continue to successfully lead their competitors. With an earned reputation of providing visually friendly and simplistic usability, you’ll see why this software is the number one choice with majority of agents/dispatchers.